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The English Premier League’s Antonio Cassano criticizes Arsenal’s midfielder for his poor kicking and passing skills

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Arsenal midfielder Jorginho has been the target of a blistering assault from Italy veteran Antonio Cassano, who seems astonished by Jorginho’s history as a Ballon d’Or finalist.

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According to Casssano, Jorginho has trouble kicking the ball while rushing and is unable to help his team with assists.

When Italy won the 2020 European Championship, Jorginho was a key member of the team and went on to make seven appearances.

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The 31-year-old also won the UEFA Champions League with his previous club Chelsea the same year.

He played in 43 games in all competitions, scoring eight times and setting up another two.

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Jorginho, though, is having trouble breaking into the starting lineup at Arsenal due to the summer transfer of Declan Rice from Premier League team West Ham United.

There was a time when Jorginho was being discussed as a potential Ballon d’Or winner in Italy. Can you believe it? Cassano characterized the player as “a footballer who struggles to kick and assist, without running or physique” (Sport Witness).

Arsenal did not include him in their roster after signing Rice. It’s not like Xavi and Iniesta are on their team. We turned him into an Italian superstar.

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