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Son’s family consents to bury the former 3SC coach in Ibadan

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The late Philip Boamah, a former coach and player for Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC), has consented to be buried in Oyo State’s capital city of Ibadan.

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According to information obtained by janescope, Boamah, a native of Ghana, passed away at University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan early on Thursday morning.

He passed away at 74 years old.

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However, Kevin Olugbenga, the deceased’s eldest son, has stated that the family has decided to bury the corpse in Ibadan.

This information came to him on Friday in Ibadan during his meeting with club executives.

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According to our correspondent, the club administration visited the deceased person’s home to offer their sympathies to the family.

Speaking to the club management, the eldest son disclosed that every member of the late football player’s family, both in Ghana and Nigeria, had agreed that the body should be buried in Ibadan.

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