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“Nigerians will have a glorious 2024,” said First Lady Tinubu

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Oluremi Tinubu, the president’s wife, declared on Saturday at the State House that 2024 would be a wonderful year for Nigerians.

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This was stated by the First Lady in her Christmas message following a Christmas celebration for the kids of the Nana Berry Orphanage in Abuja.

Additionally, she counseled parents to keep their wards hopeful, adding, “As we enter 2024, our message should be how to transform the young ones’ lives.”

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“Whoever we are, we need to stop talking about poverty in front of our kids. We are not a poor country; all that is needed is for the affluent to care for the impoverished and help them become prosperous.

“We need to show the young people what a positive life looks like and offer them hope because we have taken the subject of poverty out of context, which is truly poisoning their hearts.

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“A magnificent year is upon us, and those who hold this belief will find great joy in it.”

During the celebration, Mrs. Tinubu read a Bible tale to the kids and counseled parents to instill in their kids the value of moral education so that they grow up to be excellent adults.

“Parents should tell their children Christmas stories; that is what we are all raised with,” the speaker went on. We have made the decision to alter the meaning of Christmas in the State House for this year’s celebration.

In order to provide the kids with a sense of wellbeing and a sense of belonging, we in this dispensation are required to adopt a home annually. The following year, another orphanage home will be opened.

“They are all from Nigeria, and as you can see, they have dreams just like the rest of us. We are bringing them here to show them that nothing is impossible and that they too can become the person that God intends to place in this position of power.”

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