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Skiibii requests redress after Dorcas Fapson made a defamatory statement

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Baddest boy crooner Skiibii has, at last, responded to the accusations made against him by his ex-girlfriend Dorcas Fapson.
The singer plans to file a lawsuit for damages for her libelous statement.

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On the occasion of her birthday, Dorcas Fapson claimed that her ex-boyfriend Skiibii had stolen from her.

The actress revealed in an exclusive interview with Chude Jideonwo that she had been to Zanzibar for a vacation with Baddest Boy crooner and his manager, where she had misplaced her belongings.

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She claims that she had numerous items stolen from her, including her laptop, Rolex watch, cards, cash, and phone. When he wore the watch, which he said was also stolen when they were on their trip, she confessed that she had a sneaking suspicion it was the Skiibii.

Since he knew her Snapchat password, all the pictures and videos Dorcas had taken of them were abruptly removed, which led her to believe he was the culprit.

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Press release from Skiibii

In response to her admission, Skiibii’s management released a press statement disputing her allegations that he had stolen.

Due to her declaration that she wouldn’t be present for his birthday, Dorcas Fapson allegedly paid for the trip as a birthday gift, according to Skiibii. The singer had reserved a different villa for them to stay in, and he covered all of the costs.

Additionally, Skiibii disclosed that he had upgraded Dorcas Fapson’s iPhone and had previously purchased her a MacBook Pro laptop, which she did not bring on the trip. He added that the new watch he ordered through Larry Gaga was the one Dorcas Fapson saw on him.

His following assertion

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