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Senate demands of Nigerian government during Israeli-Palestinian war

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The Nigerian Federal Government has been urged by the Senate to step in and put an end to the current violence between Israel and Hamas.

This came after senators Adamu Alero (PDP, Kebbi) and Sumalia Kawu (NNPP, Kano) adopted a motion in the plenary on Tuesday with the title “Urgent Need to Call for Ceasefire on the Ongoing Conflict Between Israel and Hamas,” which was also co-sponsored by forty-three other people.

Alero, the motion’s presenter, stated that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a protracted, intricate dispute that has lasted for more than a century.

“We ought to join the other countries in endorsing a two-state option as a long-term resolution. He said, “Let the killing cease, and then the world will meet to negotiate a two-state solution that will last forever.

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