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Reiterating its commitment to giving Nigerians access to affordable homes

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According to Senator Aminu Tambuwal, who represents the Sokoto South Senatorial District, the National Assembly is committed to ensuring that all Nigerians have access to affordable housing.

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At the 12th meeting of the National Council on Lands, Housing, and Urban Development on Thursday in Kaduna, the former governor of Sokoto State, Tambuwal, disclosed this information.

“Using Local and International Credit Schemes as a Panacea for Affordable Housing Infrastructure Development Under the Renewed Hope Agenda” was the meeting’s theme.

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“We will develop workable and feasible ideas to mobilize resources both domestically and globally to achieve housing for all,” said Tambuwal, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Housing and Urban Development.

It’s a monumental undertaking, but it can be accomplished. Construction investments aid in wealth redistribution, and NASS will work with all parties involved to provide housing for the burgeoning population.

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He asserts that the National Assembly is dedicated to carrying out the proper actions to guarantee that every Nigerian receives a suitable home.

Working together, we will be able to address the issues facing this crucial sector of our country’s economy, according to Tambuwal.

The theme is appropriate and timely because we cannot advance without financial support. One of the sector’s issues has been finding reasonable financing.

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