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Reincarnation: A 5-year-old boy claims he died in a fire accident 30 years ago.

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A 5-year-old boy’s assertions that he was an African American woman killed in a fire over 30 years ago are supported by the boy when compared to the narrative of a woman who perished in a hotel fire.

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When Luke Ruehlman, now 5 years old, began claiming nonstop that he formerly lived as Pam Robinson, an African-American lady who jumped to her death from the Paxton Hotel in Chicago to escape the fires, his parents were surprised.

When the five-year-old started talking about Pam, a woman she had never heard of, his mother Erika said the youngster had begun to slightly frighten her.

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Luke shared the shocking information about his alleged prior life after his mother questioned her young son about the unknown woman to learn who she was.

He turned to me and said, “Well, I was,” Erika told Fox 8. “Well, I used to be, but I died and I went to heaven,” he remarked. I had a vision of God, but eventually He pushed me back to a baby stage, where you gave me the name Luke.

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Although they had never taken him to Chicago, Luke’s family in Cincinnati, Ohio, claimed that their kid had claimed to have taken a train there, according to The Sun.

Erika made the decision to look into the strange allegations, and she was horrified to learn that Pam was one of the 19 people who perished in the fire in 1993.

Luke talked of his attempt to flee the burning building in uncanny detail and the moment he “found God.”

According to Erika, he also discusses other events from his prior life that he “remembers.”

“He used to say, ‘I used to wear earrings like that when I was a female,’ or ‘I used to have black hair when I was a girl,'” she recalled.

The “The Ghost Inside My Child” producers, a TV program about paranormal investigations, have also looked into Luke’s case.

During the program, the little kid was instructed to locate the late Pam Robinson after being given a page of images of various black women in their 30s.

Surprisingly, the tape showed that he was able to recognize her right away.

After the unsettling turn of events, Luke’s mother made the choice to contact Pam’s family.

She claimed that when they described her personality, it showed startling parallels between Pam and Luke, such as their shared love of Stevie Wonder and keyboard playing.

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