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“If You’re Old Enough to Be on Social Media, You Should Have Your Own Mind” – Yetunde Bakare

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Yetunde Bakare, a Nollywood actress, has issued advice to Nigerians ahead of the upcoming governorship elections in all states throughout the country.
In an Instagram post, the actress asked Nigerians to avoid voting for parties and instead vote for individuals.

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She went on to warn Nigerians not to let bitterness influence their voting decisions on election day.

She went on to say that any Nigerian who is old enough to use social media is also old enough to have a thought of their own.

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“A lot of individuals are repeating the same mistake again and over again,” she says.


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Don’t let your resentment influence your decisions! And lastly do not follow the mob if you are mature enough to be on Social Media you should have the thinking of your own “.

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