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Osun police are on the hunt for a pack of canine cannibals

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A toddler was bitten by two Alsatian dogs in Osogbo, and the Osun State Police Command has said it has begun searching for the dogs’ owners.

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Yemisi Opalola, the Command’s official spokesman, made the announcement.

According to information obtained by janescope in the Halleluyah neighborhood of Ido-Osun on Wednesday, two animals assaulted a nursing mother and took the infant strapped to her back.

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Residents watched in horror as the animals attacked and murdered the infant, and the mother was viciously mauled by the dogs while she tried to save her child.

The janescope discovered that the mother was a woman named Mummy Basira, who was nursing her child.

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The witness said, “We all watched helplessly,” but he did not want his name used in the article. The mother had her infant, who was estimated to be about five months old, tied to her back when the dogs leapt out of an empty building and attacked her.

They were beating the infant, and the mother was trying to protect her, but she was helpless. The dogs killed the infant and then attacked the mother, causing serious physical harm. Later, other locals used sticks to scare the dogs away and bring the mother to safety. Here in Osogbo, she was brought to the hospital.

The property from where the dogs emerged is currently unoccupied, but locals recall former visitors. They tried dialing their cell phones but the lines were disconnected. There is a lot of stress right now in that area. We went to the Osogbo police station and filed a report.

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