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Residents of the Ekiti village demonstrate against the proposed installation of a monarchy

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On Friday, a number of youths and elders in the town of Araromi-Obo, Ekiti, staged a demonstration in opposition to the rumored acceptance of Ebenezer Ojo and the intended installation of him as the new monarch of the town.

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According to information acquired by janescope, the state government issued a directive on Thursday instructing that Ojo be installed as the new monarch of the town.

However, the demonstrators claimed that he does not come from the family that rules.

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According to Mr. Alabi Omoniyi, a member of the Odolofin family, Ojo comes from the Balemo Chieftaincy Family, which is not recognized by the Declaration of 1982.

“We want the Governor to stop anything concerning that because of the peace of our community,” he continued after saying that.

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In addition, Adedara Sunday Aderemi, the President of the Araromi-obo Progressive Council, mentioned that the matter is still being considered by the Supreme Court at this time. He emphasized that the state administration ought to wait for the decision of the supreme court before installing the new governor.

There is no way you can go and choose anybody to be the King in the Araromi-Obo because the Belemo chieftancy did not have a declaration. If you are going to choose a King, that person must come from the family that is now in power.

“Ebenezer Ojo is not from the ruling house, and we are appealing to the Governor of Ekiti State to refrain from acting against the issue that is currently pending in court.”

Additionally, the Legal Adviser of the Odolofin Family, Barrister Paul Akomolafe, stated that the proclamation made by the government was unlawful and amounted to contempt of court.

He made the observation that the activities of the state government were unlawful up until the time when the Supreme Court issued its decision.

Speaking on the topic of the regency, he criticized the Bureau of Chieftaincy for releasing a letter when an appeal is already ongoing in the high court. He also stated that it is against the law to appoint a regent who is not from the family that is currently in power.

“The first daughter of the monarch must be the regent after the demise of the King, which is Odolofin who is now Owa-Olobo and his first daughter, Mrs. Ajayi should be the regent but they went ahead and picked Ogundaisi which is not from Odolofin, which is total aberration,” said Mrs. Ajayi. “After the demise of the King, the regent must be the first daughter of the monarch.”

As a result, he issued a plea to the Governor Biodun Oyebanji, asking him to settle all of the open issues so that peace could be restored to the community.

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