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Oil theft: The Niger Delta is in disaster – Mele Kyari

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Oil theft and vandalism in the Niger Delta region have been referred to as a tragedy by Mele Kyari, the Group Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, or NNPCL.

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The CEO of NNPCL stated that there were more than 4,800 unauthorized connections on local crude oil pipelines and issued a warning that this might undermine federal government estimates.

On Friday, Kyari addressed the Senate Committee on Appropriations in Abuja.

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The head of NNPCL noted that the security situation in the Niger Delta will have a major impact on daily oil production.

“The security situation in the Niger Delta is a catastrophe,” he declared. That is not available anyplace in the globe. It is odd to only use non-state actors as a last resort. However, we must react atypically.

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“On our pipelines, you have over 4,800 unauthorized connections. This implies that there is an insertion per kilometer. You cannot achieve the desired level of productivity even if you seal every insertion.

People from all over the nation are traveling to the Niger Delta to engage in illicit refining. We therefore assign locals to handle it.

“We’ll manage this difficulty. We’re making every effort to get back to normal. Massive harm is being done to both the host communities and the environment.


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