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Nigeria’s Methodist Church Ordains Its First Female Bishop

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On Sunday, Rt Rev. Nkechi Nwosu was installed as the nation’s first female bishop by the Methodist Church of Nigeria.

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According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), His Grace, Most Reverend Dr. Joseph Nnonah, the Archbishop of Kaduna, installed Nwosu at the Christ Methodist Cathedral in Jos.

In a brief conversation with reporters, the newly installed bishop stated that “God is using what has happened in the Methodist Church of Nigeria to remind the whole world that the time to allow women to fulfill their destiny has come.”

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She asserted that cooperation between women and men was necessary to carry out God’s will.

“God had to create the woman to balance Adam out because He knew that if He merely created him, He wouldn’t be able to provide him his heart’s desire.

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Therefore, regardless of gender, “men must put his hands together to serve God” in order for the word of God to reach the ends of the earth. This is because God is a spirit.

He said that everyone who believes in Him and is led by the spirit of God is the son of God, thus the flesh we are seeing is only for our comfort.

“Therefore, a son of God is every child of God who is born again and resides in the Holy Spirit.

And she added, “And I believe we will conquer more for the Lord than what we have done when men or women of God in the leadership of denominations grasp this.

Nwosu urged Nigerians to pay attention to the word of God, who is currently aware of the best candidate to lead the nation in the general elections of 2023.

She asserted that the Permanent Voters Card is the source of Nigerians’ power and conscience (PVC).

“We must all go out there and obey God, pay attention to the voice of God, and follow his instructions.

Do that, she continued, “so that God would use us and whoever He wants to put in that position to bring Nigeria back to a position of pride in Africa and the globe.”

God created all people equally, according to His Eminence, Dr Samuel Uche, Prelate Emeritus, Methodist Church of Nigeria, under whose leadership Nwosu was chosen bishop.

According to Uche, Jesus Christ’s birth as a woman increased the status of women.

Since a guy is a he-man and a woman is a she-man in Hebrew, we are all men, in my opinion, there is no distinction between a man and a woman.

Additionally, we taught in the Methodist Church that those who have achieved menopause and are no longer capable of bearing children are nevertheless capable of holding responsible ministry in the church.

They possess the necessary skills and are also methodical, resourceful, and spiritual.

So, he said, “We agreed that the Methodist Bishop should be a woman, and I know that the President of the British Church was a woman from Ireland some time ago.”

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Nwosu would preside over the Jos Diocese.

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