Home News My Husband Makes Me Follow a “Marathon Fast” While Pregnant – Housewife

My Husband Makes Me Follow a “Marathon Fast” While Pregnant – Housewife

“My Husband Forces Me To Observe ‘Marathon Fast’ During Pregnancy” – Housewife

Building supplies vendor Aishat Zakaria, who is based in Ibadan, has leveled some accusations against her spouse.

She said that while she was pregnant, her husband Taofeek had coerced her into keeping a marathon fast.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Zakaria testified before a Mapo Grade “A” Customary Court in Ibadan on Friday that her husband mistreats her and that she is seeking a divorce.

She claimed, “He beats me and wounds me on my body.”

The court’s president, Mrs. S.M. Akintayo, announced the decision and approved the petitioner’s plea for dissolution.

According to the facts presented by the petitioner, the petitioner’s appeal had substance because the marriage was recognized as genuine through a customary process. She also urged Taofeek to assume full responsibility for the upbringing, education, and other needs of their children.

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