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In higher education institutions, security authorities set up “Stop and Search” locations

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In an effort to prevent the increasing number of student and lecturer abductions by unidentified gunmen, security services in Nasarawa State have announced the installation of “Stop and Search” points at all of the state’s post-secondary educational institutions.

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This follows a larger security discussion when stakeholders discussed how to combat the state’s escalating banditry and kidnapping threat at the Government House in Lafia.

According to the janescope, incidents that target professors and students at different higher institutions have been more frequent in Nasarawa State in recent months, which is alarming.

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A few noteworthy incidents include the kidnapping and shooting of students at the Federal University of Lafia, as well as the kidnapping of four undergraduate students and instructors from Nasarawa State University, Keffi, and NSUK.

Governor Abdullahi Sule called the enlarged security meeting in order to discuss the concerning trend and come up with workable ways to guarantee the security of tertiary workers, instructors, and students.

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Following discussions, it was decided to implement “Stop and Search” locations within and around the institutions in order to improve security and discourage illegal activity.

The goal of this program is to have a proactive and noticeable security presence on campuses and in the surrounding areas.

The heads of Nasarawa State’s higher education institutions reaffirmed their commitment to and support for the new security strategy, stressing how crucial it is to protect employees and students.

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