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In Abuja, the price of gasoline has risen to N617 a liter

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According to JANESCOPE, the price of gasoline has risen to around N617 per litre.

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A visit to NNPC filling stations along the Kubwa highway and Utako in Abuja by JANESCOPE revealed that the price has now been raised from N539 to N617 per litre.

Elder Chinedu Okoronkwo, National President of the Independent Petroleum Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), verified the incident in an interview with JANESCOPE on Tuesday.

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He believes that fuel costs will continue to fluctuate due to market forces.

“That is the regime we are in with the elimination of fuel subsidies.” Prices will continue to fluctuate due to market factors and currency fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. That is why we are advocating for a fuel alternative,” he remarked.

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The news comes amid concerns that petrol pump prices may be raised across the country.

Remember that when President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government removed fuel subsidies in June, the price of the product jumped from N190 per litre to almost N500 per litre.

According to numerous motorists who spoke to JANESCOPE, the current administration’s policies are growing increasingly severe on individuals.

According to one Uchenna Matthew, who spoke with JANESCOPE on Tuesday, the current administration is sending Nigerians to hell.

“Everyone is rushing here because Mobil hasn’t raised their prices.” I have no idea how much trouble these people are causing us.

“They said NNPC has adjusted their price; we’re buying here at 540, but they’re about to adjust.”

“We still have the opportunity to purchase at 540; it will be increased at any time.” This administration is leading us straight to hell. The animals in the bush are feeling it as well.

“The sooner they remove this government and replace it with the original government that won the election, the better for us,” he stated.

A cab driver, Mohammed Sani, also stated that the increase is causing hardship for Nigerians.

“NNPC has 617 written on their board.” Mobil is most likely going to raise their prices. The situation is dire, and the people are suffering.

“The situation is very difficult; it is difficult for a poor man to go out, let alone eat food,”

He bemoaned.

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