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I’m not qualified to run for president, therefore I won’t bother.” – The Most Reverend Kukah

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Despite the fact that Nigerians have been trying to persuade Matthew Hassan Kukah to run for president, the Bishop of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese has played down the prospect of doing so.

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Kukah has stated that he will not be a suitable candidate for the presidency of Nigeria because Nigerians do not desire to be ruled by decent or holy people.

He delivered a speech during the 8th House of Justice Summit, which was held in the state of Kaduna.

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Kukah was quoted as stating, “A lot of people have been saying to me in the last 30 years, ‘Come and contest elections.'” You are cordially invited to run for the presidency of Nigeria.

“Oga, command that I finish up the tasks at the parish first. Because if I let myself believe that, a lot of people have told me, “We will pay for you.” And if I let myself believe that, I would be under the illusion. You won’t have to pay because we think you have what it takes to be President,’ they told him.

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“However, I am aware that there is no way that I could ever make a good President, as I am well aware that good Presidents are not what you are looking for.

“Because if you’re going to ask, what do you mean by good?”

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