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I ask Olamide to let me go back to YBNL, Lyta says

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Opeyemi Rahim, better known by his stage name Lyta, is a Nigerian singer who has stated that he would like to rejoin YBNL Nation, his old record label.

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Lyta clarified in an interview with the Ginger Yourself Podcast that he didn’t quit YBNL “intentionally.”

“I want to be back with YBNL; leaving YBNL Nation wasn’t something I did on purpose back then,” he declared. Olamide was silent before I went, and he simply locked up once I did. But ever since I left, I’ve talked to him. On his birthday, I messaged him on Instagram, and he answered.

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When asked whether Olamide was following him on Instagram, the crooner of “Monalisa” replied, “No.” He does not have any Instagram followers.

According to the Janescope, Lyta departed YBNL Nation in 2019 following a disagreement with Olamide, the head of the record company.

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In 2022, he said in an interview that he had “heard a lot of things from friends and people in the industry” as to why he had quit YBNL Nation.

He went on, saying, “I didn’t know who or what to believe and some people got into my head eventually.”

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