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Gumi Demands President Tinubu Lead Dialogue With Bandits

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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a well-known Islamic scholar, has stated willingness to engage in voluntary conversations with bandits in order to restore peace in the country.

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Sheikh Gumi remarked in an interview with Trust TV that he would participate in the process if President Bola Tinubu asked him to.

While he claimed that he is not required to lead the negotiations, he stated that he would gladly be a part of any government-approved body in charge of the talks.

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He underlined the importance of a comprehensive approach that includes researchers, emirs, and professors working together to restore peace to impacted areas.

“I don’t have to lead it, but I would gladly participate.” It’s not about leadership; it’s about a comprehensive solution to the problem.

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“We require the participation of emirs, scholars, and university professors who have done extensive research on these issues.” “Let us all sit down together to achieve peace and allow people to return to their farms,” Sheikh Gumi said.

He applauded former Zamfara state governor Senator Sani Yarima’s recent demand for discussions with bandits, arguing that they, like former Niger Delta insurgents, deserve amnesty.

Sheikh Gumi also praised Nuhu Ribadu’s selection as National Security Adviser, but expressed hope that Ribadu would not be a mere figurehead.

Sheikh Gumi cited a lack of coordination among security agencies as a barrier to the country’s fight against insecurity.

He was particularly disappointed by the retirement of more than 100 Army Generals, given the resources invested in their training.

Recognizing the crucial importance of the military and judiciary, he advised politicians to desist from politicizing them.

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