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Partnership between Nigeria and the United States of America to manufacture cutting-edge military hardware

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In order to create modern weapon production lines at the Defense Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), the Ministry of Defense is currently investigating the possibility of forming a cooperation with NEANY, a military company based in the United States.

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Dr. Bello Matawalle, Minister of State for Defense, took a trip to the corporation for two days in order to investigate the potential areas of partnership between the two organizations.

Mr. Henshaw Ogubike, who is the Director of Press and Public Relations for the ministry, disclosed this information in a statement that was released on Saturday in Abuja.

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In order to assist in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria, the primary focus is on the establishment of assembly lines for the production of cutting-edge military weapons.

Furthermore, it will promote the development of novel technologies that will enhance the effectiveness of the Nigerian military in addressing modern threats to national security.

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There is a significant difference between NEANY, a leading military equipment manufacturing corporation in the United States, and DICON, a government-owned company in Nigeria that manufactures military hardware and equipment.

Throughout the course of the tour, Matawalle expressed that Nigeria was resolute in its efforts to enhance the capabilities of its armed forces in order to meet new threats to national security.

Through the extensive tour of NEANY’s facilities, I was able to gain a better understanding of the cutting-edge military and intelligence hardware capabilities as well as the high-tech equipment that the United States possesses.

The purpose of this journey is to boost Nigeria’s defense capabilities by promoting collaboration and integrating cutting-edge military technologies. This tour marks a fundamental milestone in the process.

The minister continued by saying, “We are committed to President Bola Tinubu’s vision of modernizing our armed forces in order to effectively address evolving security threats.”

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