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Floods in Nigeria Are Due to God, According to the Minister of Water Resources

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Suleiman Adamu, the minister of water resources, claims that rainfall, not the Lagdo dam in Cameroon, is the primary cause of 80% of the floods in Nigeria.

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On October 19, Adamu remarked in Abuja: “All these stories I’ve been seeing on social media make me chuckle because they’re false. Only 1% of the country’s flooding is attributable to the Lagdo dam.

They occasionally release water without warning, and when they do, it affects villages downstream.

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However, it is not the primary cause of our nation’s floods; rather, God’s abundantly provided water accounts for 80% of our nation’s floods.

I can guarantee you that we cannot honestly place the blame for this year’s floods on Cameroon.

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Floods in the basins of the Niger and Benue rivers will persist. Together with the Cameroonian government, we signed the MOU.

Over two million people have been affected by the flood, and over 500 people have died, according to statistics made public by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

Due to restricted access, a number of towns have also been shut off from trade and food supplies.

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