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Declare State Of Emergency On Flood-ravaged States

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for president, has urged the federal government to issue a state of emergency for any states that have lately experienced flooding.

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Obi made the call on Wednesday while visiting Taraba State to show his support for the flood disaster victims.

Obi was seen beckoning the government to embrace the international best practice that would help in desilting all of its rivers to prevent a repeat of floods while touring the many disaster-affected areas in the state’s Ibi Local Government Council.

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He stated, “We are calling on the government to come with interventions, declare all the afflicted states a disaster region,” angered by the devastation caused by floods across the country.

He asserted that “all the federal government has to do to stop this is to make sure that the waters are desilted,” believing that it is still possible for the government to stop the crisis.

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The candidate, who believed that rivers and other bodies of water should contribute to the welfare of the populace, felt dejected that the rivers have turned into disaster hotspots, a situation that he believed might be changed.

He warned other presidential candidates to immediately halt their campaigns by helping to spread awareness of the plight of flood victims across the nation.

Recall that several towns in the state’s Ibi, Lau, and Karim-Lamido local government councils recently experienced flooding as a result of prolonged, intense downpours in the aforementioned councils.

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