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Coalition opposes the closure of the School of Nursing at the Enugu Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital

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Prof Monday Igwe, MD of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Enugu, has been granted three days by a group of CSOs to reopen the hospital’s nursing school.

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Several citizens, including coalition leader Comrade Onyebuchi Igboke, staged a protest against the school’s closure on Wednesday.

Professor Ali Pate, Minister of Health, was urged to step in to resolve the problem that had led to the hospital’s closure.

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‘We are here today to call on the new Minister of Health to focus his spotlight on the MD, Prof. Igwe,’ he stated.

Protesters held signs that read, “Monday Igwe must step aside for investigation; Monday Igwe, we are tired of you; Prof. Ali Pate, save us from Igwe; Monday Igwe, obey court order; Monday Igwe, stop turning the institution into a family business.”

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Prof. Igwe responded to the protest by saying he was unaware of any action taken against him.

I am unaware of any kind of demonstration or protest taking place at the medical center. When I asked, I was informed that there had been no protest. Perhaps something was planned,” he suggested.

When asked why the School of Nursing was closed, Igwe said it wasn’t actually closed; rather, the Medical Council had withdrawn its accreditation.

We are not in session at this time. Check it out to check if the school is open. The Council revoked the accreditation, and I am making every effort to have it reinstated as soon as possible.

“Withdrawal of accreditation is not the same as closing the school,” he said.

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