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Bishop Oyedepo “I swap private planes like I swap bicycles

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Bishop David Oyedepo, leader of the Winners Chapel/Living Faith Church Worldwide, has boasted that the church’s private jets are rotated in and out as frequently as a bike rack.

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He claimed he was compelled by God to buy many private airplanes.

Oyedepo claimed in a recent sermon that God told him he would use private jets, but that he and his church never made any effort to make it happen.

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The minister claims that God has blessed him abundantly, allowing him to purchase four private planes (a Bombardier Challenger 604, a Grumman Gulfstream I (G-159), a Grumman Gulfstream IV (G-IV), and a Grumman Gulfstream V (Gee-5).

If God hadn’t told us to fly, we never would have considered it an option for the next decade. His favors make us prosperous and add no suffering, so switching planes is as easy as switching bicycles.

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We didn’t apologize, and we didn’t pray, asking God to help the plane do what? When they asked me what kind of plane I was interested in, I simply responded “any kind.” Bishop Oyedepo was cited as saying, “I don’t know the name of any because I wasn’t shopping for it,” by Pulse Nigeria.

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