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The Governor’s Office will be renovated at a cost of N5bn — Otu

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In order to restore the Governor’s Office in Calabar to its proper stature, Cross River State Governor Bassey Otu has pledged to invest N5 billion.

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He told the press about it, adding that the state should make this office the landmark.

The state liaison offices in Abuja, Lagos, and elsewhere will all be updated to feature the new signage, he promised.

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The governor said the condition of the governor’s office was unsuitable, and that bringing it up to par would assist attract investors interested in doing business in the state.

I shall spare no expense to make the Governor’s Mansion worthy of its occupant. It needs to serve as the state’s official landmark. I intend to follow suit throughout all of our satellite offices.

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Making your home or business seem nice is a certain way to increase its resale value and attract potential buyers. Discouragement might result from a dirty atmosphere or a building with an unappealing design.

There will be open communication during the renovation process. The upgrades are expected to cost between N3 and N5 billion. But for the time being, the contractors are doing it for free,” he remarked.

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