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In 2024, Ekiti will penalize car owners who don’t have registration

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According to the Ekiti State Government, owners of cars, tricycles, and motorbikes caught operating on state roads without the proper registration paperwork and legitimate driver’s licenses would face harsh penalties in the upcoming year.

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The decision to issue the warning in Ado-Ekiti was made due to the threat that unregistered vehicles, tricycles, and motorbikes posed to the general security of the state and the safety of road users. This was stated by Commissioner for Transportation Kehinde Ajobiewe.

He said that trucks, cars, and motorcycles that are not roadworthy will no longer be allowed to traverse the roads due to the risk they bring to other road users, citing instances of illegal activity linked to unregistered vehicles.

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The commissioner stated that the enforcement exercise will start early in the following year and that it will improve sanity in the transportation industry.

In order to prevent awkward circumstances, Ajobiewe advised drivers and motorcycle riders to update their expired driver’s licenses and vehicle information as soon as possible.

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He emphasized the Ekiti State Government’s steadfast dedication to enhancing traffic safety and making sure transportation providers properly abide by all applicable laws and highway rules.

The commissioner stated that Governor Biodun Oyebanji is implementing his six administration pillars for the state’s development, as seen by the numerous ongoing road intervention projects throughout the state.


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