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Apple Picking Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

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If you have been looking around for ways to find Canada Fruit Picking Jobs, you have come to the right place!

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Fruit picking is a fantastic way for travellers, students or anyone who wants to fill their gap year to earn extra money. 

With no long-term commitments, and an opportunity to live abroad, working in the bright and beautiful scenery of a farm is an excellent way to occupy your time and earn extra cash.

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In this guide, I’ll go into detail on how you can get Canada fruit-picking jobs:

  • Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada?
  • Why Canada Fruit Picking Jobs?
  • How To Become A Fruit Picker In Canada?
  • How Much Do Fruit Pickers Make In Canada?
  • What Fruits Are In Season Right Now In Canada?
  • Is Apple Picking A Job?
  • What Month Is Apple Picking In Canada?
  • How Much Do Apple Pickers In Canada Make?
  • Tips On How To Make More Money Picking Fruits

Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada?

According to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, British Columbia (BC) and Ontario are the two largest provinces that produce commercial fruits.

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So, if you plan to work abroad in Canada as a fruit picker, those two provinces are the top locations to look for fruit picking job opportunities.

The Job requires that you are fluent in the English language and being able to speak French would be a plus.

The minimum educational skill or degree required for this job is High School. There is also no training experience needed.

If picked, you will be trained on the field. However, if you have some level of experience in the farming sector, that would be a plus.

These are fruit-picking job opportunities in Canada. As such, the major job description has to do with picking fruits and everything that surrounds that.

You’d basically be working on a farm. To give you a comprehensive overview of what this job opportunity entails, see the details below:

Job Description

Plant, cultivate and irrigate crops; Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment; Harvest crops; Examine produce for quality and prepare for market

Equipment and Machinery Experience

Fruit harvester

Type of Crops

Apples, Orchard fruit; Cherries

Work Site Environment Outdoors; Wet/damp; Noisy; Dusty; Hot

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

Repetitive tasks; Bending, crouching, kneeling

Positions Available:

• Fruit tree pruner — (30 vacancies)

• Fruit pickers — (37 vacancies)

• Fruit packers — (23 vacancies)

• Fruit farm laborers — (189 vacancies)

• Fruit harvesters — (42 vacancies)

Job Obligations

• Sort fruits, such as berries according to size, color, and grade before packing

• Weigh and pack fruits in a specified quantity

• Clean the belt at regular intervals

• Transfer berries to the freezer for storage

• Clean and maintain all packing pallets

• Inspect and take out defective packages

• Remove debris and fallen fruits from the packaging area

• Checking fruit for quality

• Crate the packed fruits

• Load, unload, and transfer crates.

• Mark and label containers, container tags, or products, using marking tools

• Transport packages to processing unit location.


Accommodation will be provided at $30.00 per week, relocation support such as air fare, etc can be provided along with the first three months of medical insurance, if required. All benefits as per employment standards act

Who can Apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply including foreigners outside Canada. However, it is important to note that only those who the employer deems qualified for the job will be contacted.