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Study in Canada 2023: A guide for overseas students – Apply Now

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Occasionally, foreign students studying in Canada have no idea what they’re doing. Concerns shared by all foreign students are shared by all international students.

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You find Canada to be the most appealing option because of its reputation as the “Christmassy country” or “home of Santa Claus,” and you hope to establish a successful life there. Gain as much as possible from your application to a prominent university.

However, a Canadian education opens the door to the possibility of studying, working, and eventually securing a Permanent Residency.

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Streamline your professional life by planning ahead. This year is 2022. Many people’s hopes of attending university in Canada are dashed when they are unable to start over. If you want to go to school in Canada, here’s all you need to know.

International students can begin their studies in Canada in 2022.

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Exactly what is a “study permit” in Canada?

If you are a student studying abroad, the most important document you will require is a study permit. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to enrol in a DLI. Canadian immigration services issue a study permit.

Eligibility Requirements for the Professional Year

The following requirements must be met in order to participate in PYP:

The student visa: how to get it

Every prospective international student in Canada is required to initially carry the essential documentation including a Letter of Introduction and prescribed documents. The student must provide his passport and Letter of Introduction (LOI) to the Canadian immigration officer upon his arrival at the airport. The cop checks them out. A study permission will be granted to you if you have the required paperwork.

Eligibility criteria of Canadian student visa

Like the study permit, you also need a study visa. And to get it, you have to meet the criteria-

  • You should be accepted by DLI (Designated Learning Institute)
  • Prove that you have sufficient funds to pay for living expenses and tuition fees
  • Prove that you have no criminal record. The aspirants have to produce a police certificate in this regard
  • You also need a health checkup and a medical certificate certifying you have a sound health

While the visa interview is underway, international students have to convince visa officers that they will be leaving the maple nation after completing their studies.

What documents are necessary for a student visa-

The college providing you with an acceptance letter helps you apply for a student visa in Canada. The other documents you need to provide to immigration officer for student visa-

– Passport

Without a valid passport, you will not be able to apply for a study permit. It is the mandatory norm of the Canadian High Commission wherein you require the passport, having validity of Canadian study.

–     DLI acceptance proof

If you plan to attend a DLI (Designated Learning Institution), you need its acceptance letter.

– Proof of sufficient funds

Show funds as proof while adding application details for a study permit. As per the standards, you should prove that you have enough funds so that it helps you to pay tuition fees, living expenses, etc. As per Canadian immigration, an international student will require CAD 10,000 for every year of stay.

– Passport size snaps

If you are making an application offline, you need two passport-size snaps confirming given standards. Whereas for online applications, you need to provide a recent digital photograph copy which should not exceed 4MB.

– IME (Immigration Medical Examination)

It is Canadian immigration that requires every overseas student to undergo a mandatory immigration medical examination from certified doctors. It should be as recent as seven days before the commencement of the visa application. Allot sufficient time to the doctor to verify and upload the necessary documents. If you book an appointment in advance, you can benefit. After test completion, the physician sends the results to CIC.

– Language proficiency test score

Even though it is not mandatory at the time of application, you need to appear for the English language proficiency test and obtain a score before applying for the visa application process. You need to submit an English language proficiency score to confirm admission to the Canadian university.

– SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Before applying for a study permit, you have to submit an essay that mentions the purpose of the trip to Canada and why you choose a particular institution. It will be an optional document in the checklist.

– Need a credit card to pay the application fee

If you submit details in an online application, you will require a credit card to pay the application fee. The student visa fee is CAD 160. It is the system accepting only credit cards with debit cards not accepted.

Besides, you will have access to a digital scanner if applying online. If making an offline application, provide the relevant copies of the fee and digital scan documents. Besides, download some documents wherein you have to mention different details, print, sign, and later upload the necessary ones.

While the personal interview is underway, you have to provide additional documents as requested by the interviewer. These documents prove academic or financial status evidence. These include-

  • Diplomas, transcripts, certificates, or degrees from different education institutions you have attended
  • Test scores
  • Intent to leave the maple nation upon completion of study course
  • Pay living, travel, and education costs

Remember not to leave anything behind while applying for a study permit and Canadian student visa.

Stay informed with Aussizz Group, and feel free to stay in touch with our overseas education consultants for student visa assistance and more.

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