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Ambazonia resists authority Belegete community, obstruct the Nigerian military

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There are signs that, following a week of separatist rebels known as Ambazonian militants occupying the border town of Belegete near Cameroon, Nigerian military are unable to get over the challenging terrain of the area in order to rescue Nigerians who are being raped, injured, killed, and kidnapped.

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At the nearby Obudu Mountain Resort, where they have been camping for the previous two days, the soldiers are rumored to have rather stopped.

Sources close to the army claim that the authorities are considering utilizing helicopters to drop the soldiers with the help of parachute systems.

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Peter Akpanke, a member of the House of Representatives who represents the Obanliku/Bekwarra/Obudu Federal Constituency, has lamented the protracted lack of a response to his constituents.

“On December 5, 2023, 5h4 Ambazonia rebels abducted 30 other natives including the clan head of Belegete, Chief Francis Ogweshi, after they had taken control of the entire community for more than 24 hours without assistance from the Nigerian government.

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He has lamented the fact that his people were shot and beaten without any assistance from federal security organizations.

He also denounced in a statement the ongoing, unchecked takeover of his neighborhood by armed separatist renegades.

The attack, according to Akpanke, was “horific” and “left him in bitterness, sadness, and disappointment.”

He has implored the federal government to step in right now and save his people.

“I urgently request that the Federal Government of Nigeria step in and direct the appropriate security agencies to erect checkpoints between the border communities in order to prevent further harm from being done to the tranquil Belegete community.”

“I come before you today with a heavy heart, full of deep resentment, bitterness, sadness, and disappointment,” Akpanke remarked.

“Suspected Ambazonian terrorists from the Republic of Cameroon carried out a horrifying attack on our tranquil community of Belegete on December 5, 2023.

“Our people were held captive by these savages for more than twenty-four hours, during which they caused agony and suffering by using firearms, abusing their physical strength, and demolishing houses valued at millions of Naira.

As some of you may know, armed separatists from the Republic of the Cameroons, often known as Ambazonianians, recently assaulted the quiet and serene village of Belegete, causing my parents, siblings, and children of Belegete descent to experience the saddest day of our lives.

“Belegete community is a Nigerian border village in the Obudu Mountain Resort hinterland, situated on the edges of the Obanliku plateau between Nigeria and Cameroon.”

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