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Allegedly, the chairman of Kogi LG auctions off over 20 cars, with others just before their term ends

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Hon. Taofiq Isah, the chairman of Kogi State’s Ijumu Local Government Area, is rumored to have auctioned off council properties valued at hundreds of millions of Naira in the final days of his term.

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A person who wishes to remain anonymous claims that the chairman sold the things to himself via political allies.

Two Toyota Corollas, a 2014 1.8 Salon Toyota Camry Salon, a Legislative Council Toyota Hummer Hiace bus, a Toyota Hiace Conference bus, a Toyota Camry Salon Car Envelope, two Toyota Siennas, a Ford Hilux Van, a Ford Jeep, a Toyota Pick Up Van, a Quiqui, a Dyna Van, and other automobiles are among the purportedly sold-out items.

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Additional assets include jewels from the government, including two CAT graders 120G, MF3755, new Holland, ploughs, harrows, tractor junk, and tractors (Ursus 4512). These were auctioned for N16,560,000.

The source stated that four television sets, five standing fans, generators, four refrigerators, and typewriters are among the remaining equipment.

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This is the first time in Ijumu Local Government history, the source said, that a council chairman will sell government properties in less than a month in order to conclude his term without providing time for due process.

The source went on to say that because the tractors that Governor Yahaya Bello sent out to improve agricultural and food security had allegedly been sold for absurd prices, the Local Government Secretariat is currently vacant.

“The Local Government always graded feeder roads before to Isah’s appointment as Administrator in 2016 and his election as Chairman in 2020, but Isah sold the Graders because the majority of rural roads are currently unusable and in poor condition.

The source went on, “The purportedly fraudulent auction was conducted in collusion with an auctioneer, Salawu Onimisi from Kogi Central.”

The governor should cancel the sale and immediately return the money that was raised throughout the exercise, recommended a Local Government employee who also begged to be anonymous because she was not required to speak.

She went on to say that there was no accountability or openness during the entire process, and that no local government employees benefited from the exercise.

When reached, Othman Hamidu, the Special Advisor on Media to the Chairmen of Ijumu Local Government, refuted the accusations made against his principal.

He characterized the accusation as playful.

“As far as we are concerned in Ijumu Local Government, there is nothing of such,” stated the media assistant. Kogi State recently concluded its off-cycle gubernatorial election, and I can tell you that for the previous three to four months, we have been fighting electioneering activities leading up to the election.

Thus, no one has the time to put any government properties up for auction. Nonetheless, I would want to inform you that government policy includes auctions. The government is free to examine properties that are no longer needed and then sell them for a set price.

“Auctioneers, not the government, handle these. It is never given out by a single person; instead, it is always given to consultants or another entity. I want to let you know that it is untrue in regards to Ijumu.

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