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Aisha Buhari: “We Apologised To Nigerians, We’re Not Sure If This Government Met Their Expectations.”

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Aisha Buhari, the first lady of Nigeria, has said she is unsure if the government has lived up to the high hopes Nigerians had of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

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This was the basis, according to Aisha, for her apology to Nigerians, she said in a BBC interview.

Mrs. Buhari reportedly apologized to Nigerians for the sufferings they are going through during the special prayers she organized on October 1 to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the country’s independence.

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The expectations placed on us were really high, and perhaps after seven years, we still haven’t lived up to them, she added. Only God is aware of another person’s thoughts.

“As a human being, you can’t say that you’re right or that you’ve done what you ought to, so the government made a sincere effort and the administration did its best, albeit it might not have been the best for everyone. Therefore, whether or not we met their expectations, we must apologize to Nigerians.

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Aisha responded that she didn’t adhere to government programs when asked where she believed the government had fallen short.

“I don’t know; my office is operated like a charity; I only accept people, but I’m not in politics. I merely assist them with their health or education. I don’t do as they do,” she continued.

She predicted that the next presidential election will be won by the All Progressives Congress.

“Why do you think you should ask me this? The APC will carry on. The APC is going to win.

By the grace of God.

We had a difficult time since there were no resources available when my husband took office, but I emphasized that we were the ones who said we would do it and that we had to do it.

Mrs. Buhari added that she has no desire to enter politics.

“I thank God for giving me the chance to be the President’s wife,” she remarked. This is a fantastic position.

I praise God, and I beseech him to provide us safety as we conclude our mission and give over control to the APC administration.

“I have no desire to enter politics. What else do I need when I’ll be the former president’s wife?

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