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AFENIFERE: Make sure Nigerians don’t run out of air before the good times arrive

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Afenifere, a pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to immediately suspend efforts by several government entities to raise commodity and service prices.

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According to the organization, such a move would exacerbate the fragile circumstances of Nigerians.

According to sources, the reaction arises from a proposed increase in electricity tariffs and the implementation of levies for proof of ownership certificates for vehicle owners.

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However, Jare Ajayi, the organization’s spokeswoman, claimed that the Tinubu-led administration’s recent actions may have the ability to push Nigeria up in the long run.

He did caution, though, that there is a “need to ensure that the people are not squeezed out of breath before that good time comes, because it is only a person who is wholesomely alive who will enjoy the largesse of tomorrow!”

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Afenifere, who encouraged the President to avoid measures that could alienate his administration from the people, also urged him to be wary of activities by government agencies that could undermine his good intentions.

He also criticized the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) recent directive requiring clients to provide their social media accounts.

The mandate, he claims, amounts to making members of the public “pay” for the failure and neglect of relevant government entities in carrying out their legally assigned obligations.

Ajayi questioned why services given in Nigeria should be denominated or based on the US dollar, criticizing the anticipated increase in energy cost on Naira exchange, which increased from N441 to N750 per dollar.

“Is the energy they are distributing imported from the United States of America?” he wondered.

He urged Tinubu to halt the planned increase in electricity tariffs and to guarantee that the increase is not implemented in stealth, as in the past.

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