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You Won’t Believe Why a 23-Year-Old Man Was Sentenced To Death By Hanging in Akwa Ibom

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One Menim Udoaya has received a death sentence of lethal injection or hanging.
He was found guilty of murdering his kinsman, Ben Clement Ben, in Use Ikot Amama, Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of the state, and was given the death penalty by the Akwa Ibom State High Court, which met in Uyo, the state’s capital, on Friday.

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After a brief argument with his uncle, Friday Ekereke Udoaya, during a village council meeting, Menim, 23, was accused of killing Ben.

On January 4, 2018, near Use Ikot Amama Junction, Menim allegedly struck the deceased with a piece of wood, and the victim was then killed by Ini Friday Udoaya, who was not present at the parade.

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The third accused individual, Menim Jolly Udoaya, who is alleged to have used a piece of wood on the corpse, is also implicated as a participant in the unholy display of young exuberance that ended the life of the deceased, according to the sitting judge, Justice Bassey Nkanang.

In the case, Friday Ekereke Udoaya, Kini Jolly Udoaya, Menim Jolly Udoaya, and Saviour Maurice Udom were the defendants.

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A seven-count accusation against the four defendants included conspiracy to commit a felony, malicious destruction of property, theft, grievous bodily injury, conspiracy to commit murder, and murder.

Justice Bassey Nkanang sentenced Menim Jolly Udoaya and his brothers, Friday Ekereke Udoaya and Kini Jolly Udoaya, to two years in jail for conspiring to commit a felony in count one and to the same amount in prison for maliciously damaging property in count two.

In his ruling, Nkanang stated that Menim Udoaya should die by lethal injection or hanging after being found guilty of murder.

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