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Work in Canada with Canada Work Permit

Work in Canada with Canada Work Permit
Work in Canada with Canada Work Permit

As the number of applicants for Canada immigration is increasing, Canada government keeps setting new benchmarks to ensure the quality and eligibility of immigrants to the country. Quotas and eligibility occupation lists are examples of the measures taken by the Canadian government to select only the best from a sea of applicants. In simple words, we can say that it is becoming increasingly harder to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

But it does not mean that one should not apply for Canadian PR. Candidates with qualifications and motivation still have chances to obtain permanent residence in Canada. But as far as those who barely meet the requirements are concerned, getting Canada PR is an uphill task. Their chances would also become bleak if immigration quotas are reached. Such candidates have a better option in the form of Canadian work permit.

Canadian work permits are of different types but they all have one common requirement–a job offer from a Canadian employer. Though we do not arrange job offers for our clients, we help them obtain Canadian work permit once they have received a Canadian job offer.

Why is Canadian work permit special?

A Canadian work permit allows you to enter Canada faster. Some work permits allow holders to bring their spouse and dependent children with them. Afterward, the family members may even apply for an open work permit and find employment in Canada.

What are the limitations of Canadian work permit?

The Canadian work permit is offered for a specific job. A candidate will not be able to change his job or employer when he/she is holding a particular work permit. If the person has to change his job or employer, he will have to apply for a new work permit and have it approved. The Canadian work permit is temporary and expires after a certain period.

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It is possible to renew your work permit but a work permit does not give you permanent residence status. However, a lot of Canadian immigration programs give weightage to people with Canadian work experience, which gives an extra edge to those who have worked in Canada with a Canadian work permit.

Most of the Canadian work permits require the Canadian employer, who wishes to hire a foreign employee, to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly called a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). A positive LMIA means a foreign worker has to fill a particular job position as no Canadian worker is available to fill the position. A worker can apply for a work permit only after the employer obtains an LMIA.