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Work in Canada with Canada Work Permit

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Since there are more people applying for immigration to Canada than ever before, the government has had to establish stricter criteria to vet potential new residents.

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The Canadian government has implemented a number of methods, such as quotas and eligibility occupation lists, to choose the most qualified candidates from the vast pool of applicants. The process of obtaining Canadian permanent residence is getting more and harder.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get permanent residency in Canada. Prospective Canadian citizens still have opportunities to demonstrate their qualifications and motivation for permanent residence.

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However, obtaining permanent residency in Canada is challenging for those who fall just short of the criteria. If immigration quotas are met, their prospects will diminish as well. A work visa in Canada is a preferable choice for such applicants.

There are several varieties of work permits in Canada, but they all require one thing: an employment offer from a company in Canada. We do not find jobs for our clients, but once they have one, we assist them in obtaining a work visa in Canada.

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What makes a work visa in Canada so unique?

If you have a valid Canadian work permit, you can enter the country quickly. Spouses and minor children may accompany certain work visa holders. After that, they can try to get an open work permit so they can get jobs in Canada.

Can you tell me about the restrictions of a work visa in Canada?

The Canadian work permit is only available for certain occupations. While in possession of a specific work permit, an applicant cannot switch jobs or employers.

A new work permit application and subsequent approval will be required in the event of a job or employer change. The Canadian work permit is only valid for a set amount of time before it expires.

Even though work permits can be renewed, having one does not grant you legal right to be in the country permanently. Work experience in Canada, however, is given significant consideration by several Canadian immigration programmes, giving those who have worked in Canada legally an advantage.

If a Canadian company wants to hire an international worker, they’ll need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO).

If an LMIA is approved, it signifies that no qualified Canadians are willing to take a certain job. Once an employer has obtained an LMIA, only then may an employee apply for a work permit.