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Why Melaye had a horrible outing, according to Ebonyi Prophet, Governor of Kogi State

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According to Emmanuel Chukwudi, a prophet with roots in Ebonyi, Senator Dino Melaye’s failure to heed the advice of more experienced candidates contributed to his defeat in the election for governor of Kogi State.

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It was foretold by Chukwudi that the nominee for the All Progressives Congress, Usman Ododo, would win the election. Chukwudi stated that Melaye lost the race because certain prophets gave him false hope and false expectations.

The General Overseer of King of KingsĀ  eliverance Church Worldwide, in a series of predictions that were made accessible to Janescope prior to the election, stated that Governors Hope Uzodinma and Douye Diri of Imo and Bayelsa States, respectively, would be re-elected to their respective positions.

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When he was asked about Melaye once more on Friday, he stated, “I want to sound a note of warning to Dino Melaye because he has been a noise maker.”

“A long time ago, I made a prediction that was covered extensively by the media, and God showed me that they are going to shame him out of his seat in the Senate. I pleaded with him to come so that I could pray for him and offer him some guidance so that he may realize his destined purpose in life. However, he did not agree. He was under the impression that the meager income he was receiving from the Senate would be enough to save him.

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“However, you have witnessed how he was ultimately expelled from the Senate due to his dishonorable behavior. Now, I want to offer him some words of guidance. I am sending Dino Melaye yet another invitation to come and meet me so that I can advise him on what to do. Those individuals whom he refers to as prophets and who pray for him are not genuine. They do not possess the necessary components for his redemption.

They had assured him that he would become the governor of Kogi State this year; nevertheless, as you can see, his performance at the election was a complete embarrassment. This demonstrates that those individuals are liars and false prophets who come from the depths of hell.

“He has a very bright future, but he is walking in the dark; he must come and see me if he hopes to move forward; he has a very bright future.” This is the second and final warning I will give to him.

“If he refuses to do what I tell him, he can never win any election again because the enemy has plotted to ensure that he never rises again,” the speaker said. “This is because the enemy has plotted to ensure that he never rises again.”


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