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Why I’m Not Criticizing Tinubu’s Government Right Now – Soyinka

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Prof Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate and prominent Nigerian dramatist, has stated that he will not make any assessments of President Bola Tinubu’s administration until a year into his mandate, which begins in May 2024.

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Soyinka revealed his personal stance of refraining from commenting on the President’s performance until one year into his term during a courtesy visit to Tinubu, who is now in Lagos for the holidays.

He stressed that the one-year wait in offering observations gives President Tinubu enough time to make amends for any setbacks and effectively resolve any difficulties that may have developed during his tenure.

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In his own words;

“Well, you know, you may have observed that when most heads of state assume office, I always leave them alone for approximately the first year…Because they require time.”

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“I know they don’t start from scratch when they come in. They frequently begin considerably lower than ground zero and must make up for lost time.”

“As a result, I’m following the same principle this time.” When you visit me next year, ask the same question and pay attention to my response.”

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