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Why I Became an Islamist – Mercy Aigbe

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The Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has at last shared her reasons for converting from Christianity to Islam.

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The actress married filmmaker Kazeem Adeoti in 2022, and the Janescope remembers that after their marriage, she converted to Islam.

Aigbe claimed in a recent interview with TVC that her love for her spouse was the reason behind her conversion to Islam.

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Aigbe, who is now Hajiah Amminah, asserted that her and her husband’s first wife could live with nothing more than their love.

“I love my husband so much,” she exclaimed. If it hadn’t been for love, I doubt any woman would have experienced what I did. I was spared from having to. I meant that I have kids and I’m comfortable. So, the reason I got married again was love.

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“I really am a lover girl.” I’m really sensitive. I cherish love. I really love my [Muslim] husband so much that I made the decision to convert on my own. I’m quite liberal when it comes to religion. My husband is deeply religious, and I adore him so much. I simply felt that attending church was becoming more difficult for me after COVID-19, so I chose to adopt my husband’s religion.

“Becoming Muslims strengthened and sweetened our relationship. I find it fascinating since I’m studying Islam because, at the end of the day, we all serve the same God.

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