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To effectively combat terrorists, Nigeria’s military and media must maintain positive relationships. Lagbaja COAS

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Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, has stated that the country needs a strong cooperation between the military and the media in order to defeat terrorism and other criminal activities.

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Lagbaja, speaking through the General Officer Commanding 2 Division, Nigerian Army, Ibadan, Major General Bamidele Alabi, made these remarks during the Nigerian Army’s (NA) quarterly CIMIC media chat.

Media managers and journalists from all over the media industry were present at the event on Wednesday in Agodi Ibadan to hear from the Chief of Civil-Military Affairs (Army), Major General Nosakhare Ugbo, as well as Major Generals Bamidele Omozoje (Rtd) and Chris Olukolade (Rtd).

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While addressing at an event titled “Leveraging Media to Enhance Nigeria’s Internal Security Operations,” Lagbaja emphasized the importance of a strong partnership between the Nigerian military and the media.

He insisted that doing so would foster a favorable impression that would encourage people to continue backing the Army’s efforts to combat terrorism and defend the country’s civilian population.

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During his remarks as the evening’s Special Guest of Honor, the Chief of Army Staff reaffirmed the media’s vital role as an ally in the Army’s non-kinetic line of operation to ensure national security.

He went on to say that the media talk was an essential aspect of nation-building and an example of the civil-military cooperation activities designed to keep the media informed, debunk rumors, and provide the media with correct and timely information.

Lagbaja also explained that the Nigerian Army, under his command, has taken a multi-pronged strategy that calls for everyone’s help in addressing the country’s problems, including the media.

He also reassured Nigeria that the army’s commanders and troops are completely loyal to the country’s president, who is also the military’s commander in chief, as well as to the country’s constitution.

In his final remarks, Lagbaja expressed his gratitude to the commanders and troops of the Nigerian Army for their selfless devotion to their country.

In his opening remarks, he expressed his delight at holding the Nigerian Army Media Chat for Q3 2023 in the historic city of Ibadan. In the spirit of Civil-Military Cooperation, we hold regular Media Chats to dispel myths and provide the Fourth Estate with up-to-date, factual information as part of our efforts to build stronger nations.

The media has always been tasked with keeping the public abreast of breaking news, especially military actions. To civilians, they are the voice of the military. On the other hand, the military is focused on accomplishing its tasks, which may call for a heightened level of operational security to ensure victory.

Because of the dramatic change in the country’s security situation, the Nigerian Army is now actively engaged in fighting terrorists, rebels, and other criminals around the country. These operations can only be carried out successfully with public backing and participation. Therefore, the government needs a strong partnership between the military and the media to promote a positive image that will keep the public behind the Army’s anti-terror efforts.

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