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The suspension of Obi’s “Eye Service” campaigns in support of flood victims

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The demand by Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, for the halt of campaign activities in light of the devastating floods in the nation has been derided as “eye service” by former presidential adviser Reno Omokri.

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During his Tuesday visit to Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State to express his sympathies over the recent flooding in the state, Obi had pushed for the suspension of all presidential candidates’ campaigns.

The former governor of Anambra State claimed he had put his campaigning on hold out of concern for the flood victims.

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He then gave the other presidential contenders orders to follow suit and provide the required aid to sufferers all around the nation.

Regardless of our political disagreements, we must work hard to create a better Nigeria for our children because “Nigeria is greater than all of us,” he declared.

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On Wednesday, Omokri responded to Obi’s offer on Twitter, saying the former governor of Anambra State’s support was irrelevant.

Omokri claimed that during his two terms as the governor of Anambra State, Obi had failed to reduce flooding.

Other than eye service, how exactly does Obi want to assist flood victims, he asked. He was Anambra’s ruler.

What action did he take to stop flooding?

While Obi concentrated on a beer brewery to employ “60% of Anambra people,” Tinubu focused on new drainage systems in Lagos to reduce flooding.

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