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“The Delborough,” in Lagos, is referred to by Idahosa as a “country within another country

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The Delborough Lagos, according to Mr. Linus Idahosa, President/CEO of Fahrenheit Global Security Solutions and Del-York International, is “a country within a country.”

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Just before the prestigious luxury brand being acclaimed as one of Africa’s most iconic is set to be officially commissioned in Lagos, Idahosa, who was just selected as a Board Member, made these statements in an interview with newsmen.

The Delborough Lagos is situated at Plot 1502, Bishop Aboyade Cole Close, opposite Krispy Kreme, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It is a tastefully furnished and stylish facility with smart, modern luxury amenities.

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Idahosa declared, “The Delborough Lagos is a country within a country with the global standard set here.”

I believe that all that has been mentioned so far should enough if you pay attention to everyone who has entered this room.

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“I am really appreciative that Nigeria is experiencing this. It’s nearly hard to discern right now whether someone is in Nigeria or not,” he continued.

“Congratulations to The Delborough Lagos and to the person whose vision inspired the construction of this structure.

“The Delborough Lagos is the place to be, to diplomats, international businessmen and women, expatriates, people looking for a place where their security is assured, while feeling at home far from their countries,” Dr. Idahosa said in closing.

For additional details, reach out to The Delborough Lagos at:

contact@thedelborough.com by email

Phone: (234) 887-0702

203 9788, +234 912

Twitter: @thedelborough

www.thedelborough.com is the website.

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