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Tems respond when Snoop Dogg approaches her for a partnership

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After American rapper Snoop Dogg approached Temilade Openiyi, better known online as Tems, about a possible collaboration, Tems took to social media to boast about her musical prowess.
Snoop Dogg had openly sought Tems, a singer from Nigeria, about collaborating on a single.

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The 51-year-old rapper expressed his respect for Tems in a trending internet video while asking when they will work together on a hit song.

Everyone in Snoop’s home, he claims, pays attention to her, and they should make this happen right away.

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He Stated:

Tems, when are we going to videotape this? You are aware of my admiration.

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“Let’s start with the shit now. Let’s create a girl-hit record.

I want one with you since you have my entire family dancing to your sh*t. You may also post that. New Year’s greetings.

Moments after Snoop Dogg contacted her, Tems boasted on her Twitter profile that the only way to know you’re a GOAT—a term used to designate someone who has excelled—is if you attract other GOATs.

She penned:

“When you attract all the’s, that’s how you know you’re that.

A GOAT recognizes another GOAT in no time at all. But sheep are consistently blind as a bat.

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