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PPP is used as the basis for a mass transit plan in Adamawa

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The Adamawa State Government has chosen for a PPP model for its public transportation system.

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The plan will use both minibuses and luxury vehicles to transport passengers.

Local manufacturers Innoson Motors Ltd. have already delivered ten high-end buses to the state.

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In an interview with JANESCOPE published on Saturday, Dr. Amos Edgar, Chief of Staff to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, provided an update on the program and explained that, after weighing three choices, the administration settled on the PPP model.

Edgar, who is in charge of the transport sector’s committee for the state’s palliative intervention, has stated that his team reviewed and rejected both direct government administration and complete private control before settling on PPP.

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As he put it, “Deliberations of the committee favoured PPP because if we as government run it directly, it may go the same way as badly managed public enterprises, and if we concession it to private hands to manage entirely on their own, they will charge fares that will be higher than what government intends for the people.”

He continued, “The government has bought the buses. Private companies will be brought in to collect fares and pay them to the government in accordance with the terms of the partnership.

He promised that the buses would start running as part of the public transportation plan soon.

“We are fine-tuning the arrangement and making sure the buses are entrusted to trustworthy managers,” Edgar explained.

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