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Peter Obi Didn’t Steal Government Money While in Office, According to the Chairman of the Labour Party

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Julius Abure, the chairman of the Labour Party (LP), has outlined the party’s need for additional funding in order to support Peter Obi’s presidential candidacy in 2023.

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After his remarks during the launch of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council in Abuja on Friday, Abure issued a statement on Saturday clarifying that the party is not bankrupt as some people want the general public to believe.

According to Naijaloaded, the LP chairman had stated on Friday that the party’s biggest problem is a lack of funding for campaigning because the 2023 general election will be exceedingly expensive.

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He stated that party members, supporters, and other stakeholders would need to contribute money to the campaign since Peter Obi, the presidential candidate, cannot do so on his own.

However, the party chairman claimed in a statement on Saturday that his emphasis was on the need for assistance from stakeholders because Peter Obi, unlike some other candidates, did not misuse public monies while in government and because running for president in Nigeria is fairly expensive.

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He continued by urging all parties involved to support the party’s nominee and work together to save Nigeria in 2023.

Here is his full message, in which he clarified that the Labour Party is not bankrupt, despite what some troublemakers have suggested.

“On Friday, I talked extensively at the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council’s well-attended inauguration. I spoke on the significance of campaign funding and the necessity of engagement with stakeholders, notably the party’s candidates at various levels.

“I also emphasized that our presidential candidate alone cannot finance the election because he is recognized for not engaging in the gluttonous accumulation of our shared patrimony throughout his time working for the government.

“However, the rumors that I claimed that the Labour Party is broke 24 hours before our campaign were reported out of context, necessitating the need to correct the record.

“What I stated is that the presidential election is quite costly and the presidential candidate alone would not be able to shoulder all the expenses; as a result, we will need the assistance of all of the party’s candidates and all well-meaning Nigerians.

The efforts made by Nigerians to retake their nation have been greatly aided by the excellent work of the country’s media.

Because of this, it is admirable that they have teamed up with the Labour Party to carry out this mission of voting out the dishonest political circle that has undermined the people and mortgaged their future. We sincerely applaud your bravery.

“As a final point, let me repeat that the Labour Party is not bankrupt.

We aren’t damaged. To launch the nationwide campaign and explain to Nigerians how we plan to restore Nigeria to its former position of pride, we just need the backing of all relevant parties.

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