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Ondo governor’s office vacant, offices closed: Akeredolu’s demise

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Neighbors and residents of Ibadan’s Jericho district, where Governor Rotimi Akeredolu lives, are still in shock following the news of the Ondo State governor’s death.

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According to the Janescope, Akeredolu died on Wednesday morning in Germany after a protracted battle with leukemia at the age of 67.

Only security officers patrolling the governor’s house were cited, according to a NAN correspondent who visited the governor’s house around 10:15 a.m.

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An elderly small trader in front of the governor’s house stated that she was unaware of his death, though she later confirmed her belief after receiving a phone call from a member of Akeredolu’s family.

The woman, who burst into tears upon hearing the news, described Akeredolu as generous and kind-hearted.

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Speaking highly of the late governor, the woman stated that it was Akeredolu who encouraged her to manage the kiosk she was running, and that he had recently given her N50,000 as a Christmas gift.

Some of Akeredolu’s neighbors who talked with NAN were similarly shocked to learn that he had died.

“Aketi is alive; you journalists should stop spreading bad news,” one of them remarked, requesting anonymity.

“You can see that nobody is in the house except security men and there is no sign to show that Baba is dead,” he went on to say.

Another neighbor, a female, stated that she had only heard it as a rumor and hoped it was not real.

She praised the late governor as a gentle and generous man who lived life simply, despite his position as governor.

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