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Non-prosecution of criminals is the reason for Nigeria’s ongoing killings, according to Anyaoku

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Former Commonwealth Secretary General, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, has urged the Federal Government to do more to combat the rising number of homicides in the country.

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He claimed that the heinous trend had persisted unabated due to the non-prosecution of perpetrators of the heinous actions in cases when they had been detained.

Anyaoku was speaking at the Merchants of Light School, Old Boys Association Worldwide’s 2024 Summit and Award Ceremony, which was entitled “Alumni Engagement in the Management and Improvement of their Alma Mater.” The ceremony was conducted in Oba, Anambra State’s Idemili South Local Government Area.

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“The Federal Government should devote efforts to finding those responsible for these killings,” he said.

“What’s especially depressing is that these killings occur with no one being held accountable or charged.”

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“The first thing the government should do is deploy its agencies and forces to apprehend those responsible for the killings because that is the only way to address the issue.”

“If they’re apprehended, prosecuted and punished, that would serve as deterrent to others to continue the killings.”


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