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Nancy Isime Appearance in New Film: Actress Reaction

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The premiere of the movie “Shanty Town” on Netflix today, January 20, literally set the internet on fire.

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The moment actress Nancy Isime went nude was depicted in a scene from the movie, which attracted and intrigued online users at the same time.

The film led viewers to believe that the scenes featured her thrashing body. She was also fondled by veteran actor RMD, who was in the room.

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But these explicit scenes enraged her fans.

Nancy Isime is the top trending topic on Twitter at the time this report is being written.

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In response to Nancy Isime’s accusations that her body double’s privates were shown in the film, she has been making a lot of clarifications.

She said the following on Instagram: “And We are LIVE!!

Netflix is currently streaming Shanty Town!

P.S. Please calm down, eager lads and girls; although I realize that those exquisite body parts excite you, they actually belong to my lovely body double.
Mine aren’t quite as juicy

Enjoy our magnificent work of art, take something away from each scene, and focus on the right things!

I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback so far and am thrilled that you are enjoying Shanty Town.

The entire cast and crew deserve congratulations!

Another victory for my beloved Nollywood

@iniedo and @realchichinworah produced the music.

The actress was asked about the movie scene by an IG user as well, and she reacted appropriately.

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