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Bisi Alimi, “How I Suffered At The Hands Of Nigerian Pastors”

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Human rights advocate Bisi Alimi describes the terrible treatment he received from Nigerian pastors.

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His account is in reaction to a claim made by investigative journalist Fisayo Soyombo that there are more than 100 prophet con artists in a single church.

Bisi revealed that he had been mistreated by preachers. He continued by saying that his peace, innocence, and dignity had been taken from him.

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He states that his mother’s efforts to heal him were the purpose of everything.

“Everything Fisayo mentioned here brought back memories for me as someone who actually underwent conversion therapy within the Celestial Church,” he added.

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The deceptions, false predictions, dramatic exaggerations, and several others.

These events have made me who I am today. I won’t soon forget my experience at Mushin’s Foursquare Gospel Church. The embarrassment, the terror, the phony delivery, and now look at me

My innocence, mental stability, and sense of self-worth were all taken from me by these people at a very young age, turning me into an irrational teenager who despises religion with all of my heart.

People occasionally fail to comprehend why I struggle so greatly, deeply inside my spirit, to forgive my mother or my siblings. I have a scar that will always be present.

Although I may come across as being tough, every time I look at the scar, I relapse into a depressive state, and I’m talking about events that happened to me more than 20 years ago.

Before you misunderstand, I adore my mother. I adore that woman dearly; she is a warrior and a strong woman, and I learned those traits from her, but I can’t ignore the suffering she inflicted on me in the name of trying to heal me rather than loving me.

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