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Lauretta Onochie says she is not homeless and was not evicted from her UK residence

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It has been reported that Lauretta Onochie, former chair of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), was evicted from her London property.

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Onochie was reportedly shamed and abandoned by her family, leading to rumors that she ran away on Saturday.

On Sunday, though, Onochie responded by saying she was not, in fact, stuck.

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She shared that she had to fight off her cousin, who she was housing, in order to reclaim her property.

What a battle, I recovered my home,” she tweeted.

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“At the time, my cousin Victor Ashiedu Fejokwu and his wife Ruth Emereze were destitute and stranded. I felt sorry for them and decided to provide shelter for them in my own home.

My phone number was immediately blocked a year ago when I began making preparations to return to continue hosting them. I was unable to read my mail. As a result, I was late for a lot of engagements.

I knocked on the door twice, each times armed with the house key. They fortified the door with bolts and locked it from the inside, then turned me away.

They’re both working, but they’ve stopped paying their share of the rent in order to throw expensive parties instead.

I gave it one more go, but this time for good. His wife heard me knocking and came in from the backyard to shut the front door in my face.

“Miraculously. Miraculously. She snuck inside the house through the garden but neglected to lock the entrance. “That’s the door I used to get into the house,” she explained.

Onochie added that things got nasty, she called the police, and the intruders were given a knockdown and told to leave the premises.

She went on to say that they left two days ago and that they are now reaping the consequences of their actions.

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