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Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani criticizes the city’s religious and ethnic strife

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On Wednesday, Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani voiced his dismay at the growing religious and ethnic tensions in his state.

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He also decried the fact that the government’s actions (or lack thereof) are judged only according to their perceived religious and ethnic implications.

He said this at a UNDP and Kaduna Peace Commission-hosted one-day meeting on the city’s peacebuilding strategy: “I manage a state where emotions run high at the slightest provocation or perception of injustice; the people are captives of their past, a past marked by incessant conflicts, bloodletting, hate, and distrust.”

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The Governor claims that there have been several ethnic and religious confrontations in the State, and while the intensity of these conflicts has diminished, the risk of escalation due to land disputes persists.

The Governor emphasized that the populace as a whole must break free of the shackles imposed by conflict dealers and agents of regressive ideology.

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He assured the people of his state that he would lead a government that did not discriminate against anyone.

He also promised to set the State on a new course that would bring about greater security, tranquility, and prosperity.

According to him, “apart from ethnic and religious tensions, we now face the destabilizing activities of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, and other criminal elements.”

As he put it, “the battle has been taken to the abode of the criminals,” meaning that the State Government has been working closely with Federal Security Forces to degrade the criminal elements and make Kaduna areas safe for living and doing business.

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