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“I’ve never used drugs, smoked, or consumed alcohol.” – Artistess Faze

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Chibuzor Oji, best known by his stage as Faze, is a veteran singer who was formerly with Plantashun Boiz. He has stated that he has never smoked, drunk alcohol, or used illegal drugs.

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The 46-year-old attributed the longevity of his singing voice and overall physical well-being to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Faze recently stated, “I don’t do anything special to maintain my voice,” in an interview with TVC. I believe it is related to my way of living. I’ve never smoked or consumed alcohol, and I don’t use drugs.

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It also relates to health. I’m the type of person that enjoys monitoring their health.

In order to stay healthy, he claimed to drink a lot of water.

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The “Kolomental” crooner added in the interview that musicians are no longer concerned with writing catchy lyrics since fans are more interested in dancing.


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