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Islamic clerics have reportedly warned governors and the IGP in the South West to rein in traditionalists.

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The governors of the South West States and the security forces have been urged to call the followers of traditional religions to order by Islamic clerics in Ogun State.

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Clerics said that this was necessary to prevent more religious conflicts in the area.

During a meeting at the Egba Central Mosque in Kobiti, Abeokuta, religious leaders made the request under the auspices of the League of Imams and Alfas in Ogun.

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The league’s president, Sikirullahi Babalola, presided over the meeting, where important topics affecting the lives of Nigeria’s Muslims were discussed.

Following the meeting, the Islamic leaders issued a declaration in which they expressed their concern about “the incessant attacks on Muslims by traditionalists performing their rites.”

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They assert that Muslims in the South West “will not condone any form of infringement on their rights to perform their spiritual obligations.”

Clergy in the South West insisted that Muslims “will not apply force on any person by any means whatsoever on the basis of religious belief,” while simultaneously insisting that Muslims should not have their rights violated.

“the repeated attacks on Muslims going for worship in the mosques during the day when traditionalists had placed a’stay at home’ order because of some rituals during the day is ever fresh in our memory,” they said.

The latest threat made by traditionalists against Muslims is also unacceptable and should be taken seriously, as stated above.

To put traditionalists in their place, they demanded that governors and security forces intervene.

Police commissioners and the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, are “put on notice regarding this ugly development” to maintain harmony in Yoruba territory.

We are Yorubas and we are not outsiders to this land; Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims are messengers of peace. The religious leaders said, “We urge Muslims to continue to live in peace and unity with adherents of other religions.”

Meanwhile, religious leaders have demanded that President Bola Tinubu launch an investigation into the fuel subsidy era and bring to justice those responsible for any corrupt activities that were uncovered.

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